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Lightning formed a noticeable crack across the night sky for a few seconds followed by the boom of thunder, scaring those who are skittish making most of them cover their ears or perhaps hide under the covers. The Moppet girl, who was now 20 years of age, stormed into her house, soaked. Her mother was about to ask her was happened but was interrupted by the slam of her door. She quickly changed into new, dry clothes and rested her forehead against the wall before letting a sigh of frustration escape her lips.

She sat in front of her computer and chatted for a few hours, passing the midnight tick. Her internet friends were the onky ones who would understand her problems, she was stressful with college work. Projects were given every single week and the only activity she could do to relieve her stress was surf the internet and blog about her life.

The girl still remembered back when she always went to an arcade to play thw games there. Adjusting her glasses, she thought ” What was the name ofbthat arcade..? Watson? Liason? Litwer? Lit..uhm.. “. After a few mumbles and facepalms, she exclaimed with joy ” Litwak’s arcade! ” . The grin that sprouted on her face changed to a pout ” …what am I thinking..? Games are for kids. I’m not a kid anymore.. ” moppet started talking to herself.

” Video games are for kids only? What are you, thick? Video games are for all ages! ” she continued to convince herself before sighing ” Stop talking to yourself..”.

A thought suddenly rushed into her mind when she remembered fistbumping that princess from that candy go kart game. Then the times she always played this game with a wrecking guy and then there was Pacman. Good times. Another thought popped in right after she asked herself a question mentally; ‘Why did I fistbump that princess? Wasn’t she just a program? ‘. That was when she remembered that she used to think that the games were alive. Moppet laughed for a solid miute before slowing down.

She got up from her seat and looked out the window to see an old bridge in the distance. Even though the name of the arcade was a blur to her, the location of it remained clear. ” …I guess it wouldn’t hurt to visit tomorrow.. “

The skies were cloudy the next day and she left at the right time as it was when Litwak just opened. She came in right after the large group of kids rushed in. When she was young, she would have ran in with them, feeling the excitement of entering his arcade.

It looked a little older and dustier from the outside but as she entered, nothing has changed at all. The floor carpet, the ceiling, the atmospheric feeling, it alk felt so nostalgic to her! She felt the happiness that she hasn’t felt since many years ago. Her eyes wandered around the arcade as she was looking for Litwak.

There at the counter, was the man. Looking older than ever. He coughed fkr a moment before yawning and stretching himself. She walked over to him and grinned ” Mr.Litwak! “. The arcade owner turned over to face her and blinked. ” Yes, young lady? How may I help you? “.

” Don’t you remember me? ” she asked, still having the enthusiastic grin on her face. Litwak stood up and straightened himself, the sound of bones cracking baeely audible, before looking at her ” Can’t say that I do, miss.. There are many kids that come to my arcade and I don’t remember a young adult like you! ” he said, trying to not sound blunt.

Her grin faded into a smile ” It’s okay Mr.Litwak, I understand. I’ve been in your arcade many times when I was younger! Then I didn’t come anymore because of high scho-“

” Mr.Litwak! ” called a kid, interrupting her sentence. Litwak walked around the counter ” Oh sorry, miss, let me just handle this kid for a moment “. She turned around and watched as Mr.Litwak was helping a kid who was reporting about a busted game.

Beside that console was a rather familiar looking game. The cabinet was in blue and yellow with bullet-shaped citizens and a mechanic on it. Her eyes widened as she saw the title ” Fix it Felix.Jr “. She quickly went over to the console and looked at the screen, her mouth agape.

After a few moments, Litwak caught up with her again and chuckled ” Oh! I see you’ve taken an interest in this game! ” he patted the side of the console. She quickly reached into her pocket and got out her wallet, paying him a dollar ” C-can I h-have a q-quarter pl-please Mr.Litwak? ” she stuttered in excitement. Litwak chuckled once more and passed her a quarter, ” Whoa! You must REALLY like this game ! “

She breathed in and out, pushing the quarter in.

” I’M GONNA WRECK IT! ” yelled a familiar character. She squeed ” Th-the wrecking guy! “. The Moppet girl watched in excitement as the Nicelanders did their usual cry for help. The mechanic in blue walked out of the corner and she spoke in sync with him ” I can fix it! “.

Litwak watched in amusement as she played the game in total enthusiasm. Boy, she was excited. He had no time for her though, he had other kids to help too. He left her to play the game alone.

After finishing the final level, she watches as the wrecking guy gets thrown off the building and into the mud. Her inner self told her to talk to the game. She couldn’t resist, her hand extended to touch the screen ” Hello, guys.. it’s been so many years..! “.

The game screen continued as usual showing her the ‘Insert 1 quarter to play’ screen. She sighed in relief and backed away from the console ” Wow.. that was..amazing..”. Two twins then came and started to play the game. Her smile did not disappear, she was too happy. She bought a ton of quarters and played every single game in the arcade, not getting sick of them. Not at all. It was then noon and she ran out of change. Litwak was taking a break at this time of the day.

She walked up to him and he laughed ” I’ve never seen a young adult like you get so excited over video games..! “. The gamer nodded, ” Well..you see.. you wouldn’t mind me explaining, right? “. As expected, he shook his head ” Of course not, sweetheart! I’m ears open! Plus it’s my break time, heh. “

” You see.. I’ve been pretty stressed out with college work and the only stress relieving activity I ever do is…skyping with my friends or..blogging.. that’s all. ” she sighed ” ..When I was younger, I always come here to get away from life and just have fun! But see.. I am really into video games because..I think that they are more than just video games..! “

Litwak squinted and leaned a little closer.

” ..how do I say this..uh.. well.. I sort of… think that the video gane characters are.. ” an awkward expression dawned upon her face ” ..alive? “. Closing her eyes and biting her lip, she quickly spoke ” Please don’t think that I’m crazy, it’s just an opinion! “

He leaned back against his chair and placed a hand under his chin, thinking for a moment. Litwak looked up to her as she adjusted her glasses. ” I agree with you. ” he simply said. The moppet girl’s mouth was agape again ” Really?! “. He nodded and suggested ” In fact, why don’t you come over to the arcade after it’s closed? I can show you something! “

She raised an eyebrow ” Really? That’s suspicious, I mean I know that you’re a nice guu and all but.. you know, humanity nowadays..” she folded her arms. Litwak bounced up from his seat ” Mother of codes, sweetheart, no! I’d never do that if that’s what you’re thinking! I’m not that type of person! ” he quickly clarified. She nodded ” You better not be! I learn Martial Arts! “.

Her gaze switched from Litwak to th arcade’s exit for a few seconds. Her hand scratched her head as she walked towards it ” Alright! See you later, Litwak! ” she waved before exiting. Litwak nodded to himself ” So..I’m not the only one.. “

As promised, she came back to the arcade to meet up with Litwak. She opened the door and saw Litwak standing in the middle of the arcade. He looked at her and widened his eyes ” You actually came! “. She nodded ” Of course! ” and closed the door behind her before walked up to him, tucking the Pepper spray in her pocket just in case.

He guided her to the Fix it Felix.Jr console and looked at it. She frowned ” So…what do you want to show me? “. Litwak smiled and tapped on the console’s screen before the game paused. The wrecking guy blinked and stopped what he was doing before looking straight at the girl.

She was confused, very confused. Felix peeped out of the corner and stood beside the wrecking guy. The both of them stared at her for a few moment before waving at her.

The moppet girl smiled and waved back.

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